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HED Laufräder

HED Aerolenker - Corsair

About Hed. Cycling

The wheel may be the most revolutionary structure known to man. Depending on which history books you read, the wheel originated in Mesopotamia sometime around 3500 BC. We had to hang around until 1985, however, before someone finally got around to perfecting it. That someone was Steve Hed.

Steve began what was to become his vocation in humble fashion, working on an aero wheel in his garage at home. This quickly led to an interest in all things aerodynamic. Detailed study of the subject followed, eventually focusing on aerodynamic principles in relation to bicycle wheels. By this time, the initial interest had developed into an obsession. Many more home grown wheels followed, and then Steve paid the first of dozens of visits to a wind tunnel. His ideas began to take shape. Over the next few years, the business grew, and more expertise was introduced in the form of carbon fiber and resin specialists. Now, 20 years later, HED cycling products designs and manufactures 16 different models of composite wheels, exported worldwide and used in events from the Tour de France to the Hawaii Ironman to the pretigious North Oaks triathlon championship. Every single wheel is still handmade. Minnesota sure is a long way from Mesopotamia, but some things never change.


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Team Tibco
KBS Medifast

Offizieller technischer Partner vom Team HTC Columbia

Partner für Aerotests