Hed Aerobar

Optimal power/drag ratio. It's what TT speed boils down to. 400 watts of raw power won't push a billboard to a winning time; a rider with the profile of a bullet can't win if his position only allows 140 watts. To win, you have to minimize drag and maximize power.

More than 50 hours of wind tunnel time went into our carbon Aero Bar. To reduce drag as much as possible, we integrated the brake levers and mounted the extension bars in the same plane as the base bar.

We put at least another 100 hours of CAD work into the extension clamps. The result is featherweight hardware with a vise-like grip.

Smart design didn't stop after wind tunnel and CAD work. The slide and set armrest/extension hardware allows pinpoint positioning. Pinpoint positioning means every rider can be positioned for maximum power and minimal drag.

The HED Aerobar comes standard with S-Bend extensions. The S bends were developed in conjunction with and for Lance Armstrong to use in the '04 tour. Available in carbon fiber or aluminum.

2007 model weight is reduced to 699g without sacrificing any stiffness or adjustability.

For current bar owners we offer a bar upgrade kit that reduces overall bar weight to 720g. Call or email for details.


  • Weight: 700g
  • Base bar width: 42cm ctc
  • Clamp size 26.0
  • Rides choice of extensions
  • Intergraded brake levers
  • MSRP: $600
Weight (complete with extensions, armrests, hardware)