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HED AerodynamicsAerodynamics is the study of how a solid body moves through the air . So when we relate that definition to the sport of cycling, it's about how a rider and machine overcome air resistance created by forward motion and the prevailing wind. At HED, we design and manufacture wheels and associated products that reduce this resistance. The lower the resistance, the faster you go.

At 25mph, 80% of an average rider's power output is used just to overcome the effects of wind drag when riding on the flat. Any reduction in this percentage results in either an increase in speed or a decrease in effort.

The speed you can achieve on your bike is determined by two factors. The first is how much power you are able to produce, measured in watts. The second is wind resistance, commonly referred to as "drag" and is usually measured in pounds at 30 mph in wind tunnel testing. The faster you go, the more wind drag there is to overcome. This is why a rider with a technical advantage is often able to go faster than one with a greater power output.

It's a relatively simple matter to design an aero wheel capable of producing a low drag factor against a direct headwind. However, we understand that a true zero degree headwind is almost unknown on the road. All it takes is a 5mm lateral shift by the rider and the headwind becomes a side wind in relation to the front wheel. Designing a wheel that performs well in all wind conditions is therefore paramount. This is why all of our wheels are designed and tested using wind angles from 0 to 20 degrees. By carefully regulating the depth and shape of our wheels, we can achieve optimum wheel performance no matter what the wind conditions happen to be. When our numbers go down in the wind tunnel, you go faster out on the road.


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