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Which wheels? 60? 90? H3? You'll need to know a few things.

First, wind (or yaw) angle has a big effect on how a wheel performs. Second, there is "meteorological wind" and "apparent wind". The weatherman on TV or you with a handheld anemometer can figure out the meteorlogical wind - it's just part the current weather conditions. Apparent wind is what you get when you factor your speed and direction into the existing weather. Apparent wind what's important for picking wheels.


Using the two examples and wind tunnel data about wheel drag at different wind angles we can compare Stinger 90s to H3s for our two riders. In a 40k race, the roadie, going 27 would see only 1 second difference between the two wheelsets. He might opt for stingers because they are a little lighter than H3s.

The triathlete, going 19mph would go 40 seconds slower per 40k on Stingers compared to H3s.

After calculating a few scenarios, it is obvious why apparent wind is important. A zero degree headwind just does not occur out on the road, and this is why when we make a wheel, we design for and test incrementally to 30 degree wind angles. A working knowledge of what windspeeds and angles affect bike wheels has directed Hed's design process for 17 years, ever since this program was a nerdy, number only program on a floppy disc.
We're enthusiastic about sharing this calculator. More tools are in the works to help you pick the fastest wheels.

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